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Banner advertising on provides your company with the unique opportunity to be visible to a targeted worldwide audience working with natural refrigerant-based technologies. The website’s greatest asset is its fast-growing and loyal audience of leading manufacturers, end users, contractors, academics and regulators.

The website is consulted daily by decision makers in industry and policy, including commercial and industrial end users around the world looking for the latest innovations and market trends. Technical experts visit for detailed information on CO2, NH3 and hydrocarbon products and systems, and stakeholders of all kinds come to find new business partners and opportunities.

Banner ad placement is determined on a first-come, first-serve basis; therefore, the highest position is allotted to the first confirmed. The cost per ad starts at 500€/ month. Ads appear on the right sidebar of all pages of the website.

Artwork should be provided in:
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While the website banner ads promote your brand globally, it is also possible to get regional visibility through banner advertisements in the weekly newsletter. Articles tailored to specific regions are shared through the newsletter to generate engagement from a targeted audience.

The newsletter contains dedicated local content and is delivered weekly in a mobile-optimized format for easy reading. The newsletter leverages shecco’s media network to reach an ever-increasing number of subscribers, including contractors, end users, manufacturers, sustainability experts and government officials.

Newsletter banner advertising starts at 1000€/ month (4 newsletters) and scheduled based on availability.

Artwork should be provided in:

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– Help your company appear in the top search results for HVAC&R terms combined with CO2, NH3 (ammonia) and HC (hydrocarbons).

– Help your company establish itself as a leader in the natural refrigerant market and increase your sales opportunities.

– Increase your global brand visibility with your target audience.

– Highlight your CO2, ammonia or hydrocarbon products or services with your targeted audience.

– Benefit from our e-marketing expertise specifically related to natural refrigerant-based technology.

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