As the first online and print magazine for and about business leaders working with natural refrigerant-based technology, Accelerate Magazine reports about innovation, market, policy and technology trends. The magazine features news articles and in-depth analysis that includes end users, suppliers, regulators and other key stakeholders in all HVAC&R sectors.

October 2019 / Issue #104

How Do We Cool a Warming World (Without Making It Warmer)?

With special coverage of air conditioning, the October 2019 edition of Accelerate Magazine examines the global effort to improve the efficiency of room ACs (in part through the use of propane refrigerant) so that the upsurge of comfort cooling in a warming world doesn’t exacerbate the climate crisis.

Also in the October 2019 issue: regional articles on: Weis Markets’ transcritical CO2 system maintaining efficiency; a Belgian Delhaize store cutting its energy bills with a ammonia/CO2 /glycol system; a massive transcritical system at a produce store in South Africa; an Australian IGA store’s integrated refrigeration-AC-heating CO2 system; Japan’s largest warehouse using ammonia/CO2 technology; the Philippine’s first R290 store; and Spar’s use of R290 in China. Global trend articles include a review of World Ozone Day and a survey of attitudes toward climate change.

September 2019 / Issue #103

HFOs: How much is too much?

With special coverage of HFO refrigerants, the September 2019 edition of Accelerate Magazine examines the potential long-term environmental impact of HFO-1234yf’s atmospheric degradation product, trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), which descends to earth in rain.

Also in the September 2019 issue: regional articles on Walmart in the U.S., transcritical CO2 systems in Russia; Chinese production of propane room air conditioners; a New Zealand port using hydrocarbon cooling system, a transcritical CO2 refrigeration/supercritical fluid extraction system in Thailand; and Japanese OEM Mayekawa’s soaring sales of its NewTon NH3/CO2 system. Global trend articles include an update on the Global Cooling Prize and a look at four proposed financing models for efficient cooling.

July-August 2019 / Issue #102

500 g

With special coverage of the new global hydrocarbon charge limit (500 g) in commercial self-contained display cases, the July-August 2019 edition of Accelerate Magazine examines the impact of the new standard, which was approved in May by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
Also in the July-August 2019 issue: regional articles on Weis Markets in the U.S., Migros in Switzerland, Food Lover’s Market in South Africa, a Logan City administration building in Australia, Kokubu Group in Japan, and the 2022 Olympics in China. Global trend articles include a look at World Refrigeration Day and a call for new hydrocarbon charge standards for air conditioners.

June 2019 / Issue #101

NatRefs 101

With special coverage of the history of natural refrigerants, the June 2019 edition of Accelerate Magazine – the debut issue – traces the growth of natural refrigerants through the first 100 issues of Accelerate magazines from around the world.

Also in the June 2019 issue: regional sections covering natural refrigerant developments in North America, Europe, Australia, Japan and China; an update on the Kigali Amendment; World Refrigeration Day, and the new global charge limit for hydrocarbons.