Spanish Grocery Consum Installs Epta’s Transcritical CO2 System with FTE Enhancement

Consum, the largest grocery cooperative in the Spanish Mediterranean region, has chosen EPTA’s CO2 transcritical system, equipped with the Full Transcritical Efficiency (FTE) solution, for a new 1,100-m2 (11,840 ft) store in Alicante. 

Epta’s FTE system is designed to improve the efficiency of transcritical COrefrigeration systems in warm climates. It uses flooded evaporation technology, supported by an intelligent liquid receiver, that allows the operating temperature of the cabinets to be increased. 

Part of the Life C4R (Carbon 4 Retail Refrigeration) project, an initiative financed by the European Union, FTE guarantees 10% continuous energy saving compared with a standard transcritical CO2 booster pack, and 20% lower installation and maintenance costs, according to EPTA.

The FTE system fits well with Consum, for which sustainability and efficiency are at the core of its activities. The chain operates 75% of its 730+ stores on renewable energy, with a goal of 100% in 2019, according to It is also a pioneer in the use of transcritical COsystems.

All of Consum’s  stores are considered energy efficient, and the new store in Alicante is designed to generating approximately 40% less emissions than a conventional store, thanks to the use of energy-efficient systems. 

Further increasing the reduction in energy consumption at the Alicante store is the integration of the refrigeration system with the HVAC system to recover heat for hot water production.The installation includes Costan GranVista Next and GranBering cabinets for fresh and frozen products.