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U.S. Contractor Develops New Refrigeration Monitoring Software

Climate Pros, an HVAC&R contractor based in Glendale Heights, Illinois (U.S.), has released WatchTower, a monitoring software product providing users such as supermarkets and cold storage operators with a comprehensive view of their refrigeration assets.

Contractors typically install systems and software, rather than develop their own. However, Climate Pros, which has considerable experience installing CO2 transcritical systems, has used its technical expertise to develop a software system based on its experience on the ground working with refrigeration assets.

“WatchTower is the first software offering in the industry that was developed by technicians who understand the business ― and it’s the only digital service solution backed by our refrigeration pros,” said Climate Pros Program Director Tony Legeza in an article at Catering Insight’s website.

WatchTower uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather data about refrigeration systems and provide users with insights about its performance, according to the Climate Pros website.

It is a “scalable, cloud-based software that works across any footprint, giving operators a comprehensive view of all refrigeration assets at once,” says Climate Pros

This data can be used to optimize efficiency, as well as to anticipate system failures, supporting preventive maintenance, remote diagnostics and automated call dispatching”, noted the Catering Insight article.  

The software detects equipment problems “before they reach a critical level ― lowering the risk of catastrophic failure, costly downtime and loss of product,” said Legeza.

As well as this, “[w]hen its algorithms indicate a risk, the software diagnoses the root cause, notifies the customer’s preferred maintenance provider and runs post-service checks to ensure the proper corrective action was taken.”