Advansor Moves into New Headquarters Without Production Downtime

The new 10,000m2 (107,639ft2) Danish headquarters for CO2 refrigeration producer Advansor officially opened on November 15 as scheduled, much to the celebration of staff and management alike. No production time was lost.

About half of the company’s employees in Denmark have now moved over with the production and the warehouse still processing the move. Every rack that has been started to be produced in the old facilities, will be finished and shipped from the old location. “This way, Advansor can avoid a production downtime during the move, and fulfill our promise towards the customers,” explained Pia Hansen from Sales Support at Advansor.

The warehouse in the new headquarters is equipped with a new, intelligent and time-saving warehouse system, explained Hansen. The set-up has already started and the entire new warehouse and production set-up will be fully up and running from beginning of December.

The new facility, which includes a training center and improved production facilities, is expected to double the company’s CO2 production capacity and allow for faster delivery time to clients. 

The headquarters was finished only nine months after breaking ground. “When Advansor starts dreaming, they start planning!” the company expressed in a recent press release. “That’s also why the current orders and the production processes were not affected by the move.”

It was a great day with Advansor colleagues having brunch, unpacking boxes, and opening champagne bottles, according to the press release. “The company wants to ensure the best conditions for our employees and a high efficiency – in the most sustainable way possible. Whether within the production halls or the office desk: sustainability, security and efficiency are shaping the overall picture of the new headquarters.”

“We are looking forward to a great atmosphere, satisfied employees and customers, as well as a lot of new racks that will be created and delivered from Rosbjergvej in Brabrand throughout all of Europe,” said the Advansor team.

Check out this video to see what Advansor’s moving day was like: