Beijer Ref Doubling Production Capacity to Keep up with NatRef Demand

Swedish wholesaler and manufacturer Beijer Ref is expanding its Italian SCM Frigo subsidiary to keep up with a growing demand for natural refrigeration systems, CO2-based in particular. According to Simon Karlin, Beijer Ref AB COO, this will double the company’s production capacity. 

“Due to the European F-gas regulation, we expect the market for environmentally friendly refrigeration systems to continue to be strong over the next five to ten years,” said Beijer Ref CEO Per Bertland. “The transition to green technology has just begun and so far, an estimated 15-20% of retailers in Europe have converted to chillers that are adapted to the new regulation. With the new plant, we ensure that Beijer Ref can meet the increased demand of the market.”

Beijer Ref is investing in a new facility of approximately 13,000m (139,931ft2) which will contain production, storage and space for the Beijer Ref Academy training center where training will be offered on full CO2 systems. “Training is vital to develop skills on CO2 and develop this green technology,” said Karlin. 

SCM Frigo S.p.a, based outside Padua, Italy, is one of Beijer Ref’s fastest growing subsidiaries, focused on the development and production of CO2 refrigeration systems. The expanded facility will focus on the production of its CUB02 Smart and Smart Booster ranges in particular, manufacturing CO2 units with smaller capacities. 

Construction will begin late 2019 and the facility is expected to be completed by the end of 2020. The investment is expected to amount to approximately €10 million (about US$11 million). The plant will also have a green profile. “Sustainability and eco design are fundamental values for the group and our biggest single focus area,” said Karlin.

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