Fricon Propane Cases Designed for Up to 55% in Energy Savings

At the Euroshop trade show, Portuguese OEM Fricon is launching a new line of propane (R290) commercial display cases designed to deliver up to 55% in energy savings compared to conventional products.

EuroShop takes place February 16-20 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The new product line, which includes horizontal freezers and vertical beverage cases, has been developed in collaboration with compressor manufacturer Embraco, a division of Japanese manufacturer Nidec. The units are equipped with FMF variable-speed R290 inverter compressors and bivolt technology.

The bivolt technology allows the compressor to operate at a broader range of tension than conventional models, meaning these units can work almost anywhere in the world without adaptations, even in areas with power peaks and unstable energy lines, according to a press release from Nidec, the Japanese parent company of Embraco.

The bivolt technology and inverter compressors together provide a 40% energy reduction, compared to conventional systems, said Nidec. The use of R290 refrigerant deliver the remaining 15% savings, compared to synthetic refrigerant systems, making it the most efficient compressor currently on the market, added Nidec.