Northern Ireland ECO Store chooses propane waterloop system because of efficiency

Lithuanian commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer FREOR has completed its first propane (R290) waterloop system in Northern Ireland, fulfilling the new ECO store’s refrigeration needs for compact, elegant, yet large capacity display showcases for the meat, dairy, bakery, and frozen food sectors.

The new Castlewellan city ECO food retail store opened in May this year and following a review period, the end-user is very happy with the final project result, according to a FREOR representative. According to FREOR, the end user was interested in propane-based refrigeration system due to its energy-efficiency and upcoming regulations on HFC usage in commercial refrigeration.

“It makes us glad that the store has chosen a green refrigeration solution with a thought of the future of the environment,” said FREOR. 

There are a total of 12 refrigeration points at this store, for which FREOR’s energy-efficient Green Wave R290 products were selected and connected to a  FREOR Hydroloop-Glycol system. To reach even higher results in reducing energy consumption, every refrigerator has a hot gas defrost system, which optimizes and accelerates the defrosting process.

The Hydroloop system is a cost-effective solution for shops, which allows connecting the plug-in refrigeration equipment to the liquid-cooled system. Excess condensation heat is removed through liquid pipes to the exterior of a building avoiding premises overheat. 

Innovative waterloop solutions such as the Hydroloop system are gaining ground in different parts of the world. There are an estimated 2,000 stores globally using R290 waterloop technology. The R290 waterloop technology offers both an environmentally-friendly and a cost-friendly solution, explained FREOR. Other benefits include that the installation work does not require much effort and the leakage of refrigerant is close to zero.

The project was carried out by Northern Ireland refrigeration engineers DS Refrigeration, who was complimented by the client for their reliability and thorough service.

Equipment installed:
Upright glass door freezer: Erida
Chilled display cabinet: Pluton Space
Multideck display fridges: Jupiter Glass Doors
Stand-alone refrigerated bakery case: Elisa QB

“It makes us glad that the store has chosen a green refrigeration solution with a thought of the future of the environment.”