Freor to Exhibit Water-Loop R290 System at Virtual Trade Show

Lithuania-based OEM Freor will exhibit its “Hydroloop” system – consisting of propane (R290)-based display cases linked to a water-loop system – at next week’s Virtual Trade Show.

The Virtual Trade Show is a 24-hour live event that will take place around the world on September 1-2. shecco, a clean cooling market accelerator and publisher of this website, will host the event. It is free to attend and interested parties can sign up here.

Freor’s Hydroloop system is suited to a variety of retail sites, and has been installed in countries throughout Europe, and beyond, including Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Northern Ireland and Aruba. Most recently, a Dutch COOP store featuring a Hydroloop system opened in July.

More information about the Hydroloop system can be found on the company website and in an information brochure.

The Hydroloop system works by collecting condensation heat from in-store cabinets with R290 cooling units. It then removes the heat outside the building via a glycol-water line. In addition, “excess heat can also be used to warm up the shop during the cold season or to warm up [potable] water,” said Freor.

“This innovative system guarantees high efficiency, faster shop installation, saves space, gives freedom of equipment relocation, uses smaller quantities of refrigerant, and is simpler to look after,” Freor said.