NatRef Virtual Trade Show Reaches 60+ Exhibitors!

The Virtual Trade Show for natural refrigerant technology, organized by clean cooling accelerator shecco (publisher of this website), has signed up more than 60 exhibitors, with more joining every day.

The event will take place live around the world, over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. It will be free to attend, and interested participants can sign up here.

As of August 4th, 63 natural refrigerant equipment providers have signed up, including premium exhibitors Teko, GEA Bock, enex, Efficient Energy, ebm papst, Epta, Embraco-Nidec, Daikin, Arneg, Panasonic, GEA Refrigeration, Carel and Alfa Laval. For a complete list of exhibitors, click here.

The Virtual Trade Show will feature easy-to-navigate online booths and webinars with which exhibitors will be able to feature their latest products. “Many companies are hesitant to innovate under such strenuous circumstances, but this is exactly the time to do so,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco. 

For attendees, the Virtual Trade Show will differ from conference-call style panel discussions, Chasserot stressed. “Attendees will click through a visually stimulating website, where they will be able to move through an expo hall, visit and chat with companies at their booths, ‘enter’ into auditoriums for presentations, and network in a virtual lobby.”

Exhibitors will have the opportunity to showcase what they normally would during a physical event – including marketing material, brochures, videos – “but at a fraction of the cost,” Chasserot noted. In addition, logos and design can be customized at each booth, and premium exhibitors can feature a 3D rendering of a key product. “The amazing part is, the exhibitor’s actual image will be represented through an avatar of them,” he said.

For more information, click here.