NatRef Virtual Trade Show Signs Up 75 Exhibitors and 1,000+ Attendees

The Virtual Trade Show for natural refrigerant technology, organized by clean cooling accelerator shecco (publisher of this website), has so far signed up 75 exhibitors and 1,000+ attendees.

The event will take place live around the world, over a 24-hour period on September 1-2. It is free to attend, and interested participants can sign up here. It will connect the world’s foremost natural refrigerant technology providers with the global cooling marketplace.

“With over 1,000 people registered, and 75 exhibitors, ATMO VTS will be the event of the year, to network, exchange ideas with, and learn about the latest natural refrigerant solutions. Don’t miss out,” said Marc Chasserot, shecco CEO. 

The show will include premium exhibitors Teko, GEA Bock, enex, Efficient Energy, ebm papst, Epta, Embraco-Nidec, Daikin, Arneg, Panasonic, GEA Refrigeration, Carel and Alfa Laval. For a complete list of the 75 exhibitors, click here.

The Virtual Trade Show will feature easy-to-navigate online booths, and webinars to present the latest knowledge and trends for environmentally friendly heating and cooling.

For attendees, the Virtual Trade Show will differ from conference-call style panel discussions, Chasserot explained. “Attendees will click through a visually stimulating website, where they will be able to move through an expo hall, visit and chat with companies at their booths, join auditoriums for presentations, and network in a virtual lobby.”