shecco Announces Second Virtual Trade Show for Natural Refrigerants

Clean cooling accelerator shecco, publisher of this website, has announced a second Virtual Trade Show for natural refrigerants (ATMO VTS 2.0). The event will take place around the world on February 23-24, 2021.

“The first ATMO VTS was a game-changer for our industry – it was the first of its kind and a brand-new way of doing business, for everyone,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco.

The first ATMO VTS took place on September 1-2, with more than 4,500 registered attendees and 75 exhibitors from the natural refrigerants industry.

VTS 2.0 will include a 24-hour webinar program, with live streaming options for exhibitors, scheduled to cover all regions of the world; highlighted products and services; an exhibitor directory, and a search function to find attendees.

Based on lessons from the initial ATMO VTS, a number of changes are being added to ATMO VTS 2.0.  “We’ve been listening to the feedback from attendees and exhibitors, and we’re working hard on improving the platform to meet your needs,” Chasserot noted.

Among the changes are a longer, full 24-hour webinar program, with live streaming functionalities for exhibitors; stronger focus on networking, additional focus on products and services, a comprehensive exhibitor directory, and an attendee search function.

“We expect 100+ exhibitors and 10,000 attendees to join us for VTS 2.0 on February 23-24, 2021 – save the date!” Chasserot said.