shecco Launches World’s First Global Virtual NatRef Tradeshow

Clean cooling accelerator shecco is launching the world’s first natural refrigerants virtual tradeshow, to take place on September 1, 2020. The event will be free to attend.

“We are proud to announce a brand-new virtual tradeshow, which will be the first in the world for the cooling industry,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco, publisher of this website. “It will bring hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals together to exchange and learn about the latest natural refrigerant technology solutions from the comfort of their home – so save the date.”

The virtual tradeshow will give attendees access to the latest natural refrigerant solutions without having to leave their homes (or offices) – a distinct advantage during these uncertain times of COVID-19 and travel restrictions. “The pandemic is going to make life very difficult for tradeshows this year, so we felt that this was the right moment to launch such a service,” Chasserot added. 

The global event will start in the morning New Zealand-time, and continue throughout the day until 6pm California (U.S.) time, giving attendees from around the world freedom to come and go as they like. The show will include a full 24 hours of presentations, ample opportunity to visit the exhibitor booths, a virtual networking lounge, and an information desk manned by shecco. 

“We are proud to announce a brand-new virtual tradeshow, which will be the first in the world for the cooling industry,”

Marc Chasserot, CEO shecco

When arriving at the virtual tradeshow venue, attendees will have several options, including visiting the auditorium to join a presentation. Some presentations will be live at a scheduled time, where the speaker presents directly to the audience. The live sessions will include the option to ask the speaker questions via text chat. There will also be pre-recorded, on-demand sessions to be watched any time at the attendee’s convenience. These can, for example, be case studies presented by experts or companies. 

Attendees can also choose to visit the exhibition hall, with booths hosted by natural refrigerant companies and organizations, including a hall map enabling visitors to see who is present. In the hall, attendees will be able to visit each booth and engage with the exhibitors. When entering a booth, attendees can peruse information about the exhibitor, download product descriptions, and watch videos. It is also possible to interact with the exhibitor staff present through an online chat function – either in a group chat or a one-on-one chat (which can be text, audio or video). 

The networking lounge has the same options for group chats and one-on-one chats (via text, audio or video) and here attendees can also see who else is present and initiate informal chats with each other.

If there are any questions throughout the day, shecco will be manning an information desk in the virtual lobby of the venue to help attendees and exhibitors. 

More information regarding the agenda and practical details will be published in the coming weeks.

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