Carel Supplying Controls for First 80HP TC CO2 Racks in Japan

Italian component manufacturer Carel is supplying the control units for the recently shipped Panasonic transcritical CO2 rack systems to a customer in Japan in October, according to a recent press release by the company. 

“This is both an exciting and ambitious project,” said Tadao Sekiguchi, Managing Director of Carel Japan. “We are proud to have been involved in the initial design of the units, in addition to providing Panasonic with technical support during the commissioning work in the field. This success proves we’re capable of supporting our customers closely for this leading technology”.

The racks are being installed by Benirei Logistics, a Japanese cold storage warehouse operator and logistics company, at its Osaka South Seaport cold storage warehouse, located in the Port of Osaka, where it stores various chilled and frozen foods.

A total of ten 80HP CO2 rack units, along with four 40HP CO2 racks, will be installed at the facility. In addition, two 20HP and two 15HP CO2 condensing units will also be installed at the facility. All CO2 systems are supplied by Panasonic.

The CO2 rack systems were manufactured in China and shipped to Japan. Panasonic debuted its 80HP transcritical CO2 rack system at the China Refrigeration 2019 trade show in Shanghai in April of last year.

Representatives from all organizations involved in the project spoke during the special ceremony, held at the offices of the cold chain business division of Panasonic Appliances Company in Gunma prefecture, on October 16. 

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