Conex Bänninger Partners with Accelerate Japan

Conex Bänninger, an international manufacturer of fittings and valves, is partnering with Accelerate Japan to raise awareness of its flame-free press fitting >B< MaxiPro and K65 fittings for natural refrigerant-based refrigeration systems.

Accelerate Japan is published by shecco, publisher of this website.

“We have been promoting K65 connectors for use with CO2 (R744) systems for several years and now have the innovative flame-free >B< MaxiPro for use with propane (R290) and butane (R600a),” said Pietro Cardente, International Sales Director for Conex Bänninger. “We believe partnering with Accelerate Japan can help raise awareness of these technologies in the Japanese market.”

Conex Bänninger which caters to domestic, commercial and industrial HVAC&R sectors, has been working indirectly with Japanese companies in its export markets, said Cardente.