Nidec Global Appliance Partners with Accelerate Japan

Nidec Global Appliance, parent of Brazilian propane (R290) compressor manufacturer Embraco, is partnering with Accelerate Japan in anticipation of growing demand for R290-based systems in Japan’s commercial food retail sector.

Accelerate Japan is published by shecco, publisher of this website.

“Embraco is still strongly defending natural refrigerant [adoption] worldwide, including Japan,” said Guilherme Figueiredo, Sales Manager, responsible for Nidec Global Appliance’s Embraco portfolio in Japan.

“From Embraco‘s side, we do agree that [R290 adoption] is a global trend for the commercial refrigeration sector,” added Figueiredo. “For example, we already see this in Europe and the U.S.A., where these kinds of solutions are already being massively adopted.”