North America

Temprite Launches Larger-Capacity R744 Oil Separator

U.S. component manufacturer Temprite has launched a larger-capacity coalescing oil separator for transcritical CO2 (R744) applications.

The 239A oil separator is suitable for high- medium- and low-temperature transcritical applications, and subcritical under certain conditions. The 239A model, which has a maximum working pressure of 130bar, was developed from the existing Temprite 130 series.

“[The new model] uses the same high-efficiency coalescing filter technology that makes the 130 series so effective,” said Temprite Sales Representative Steven Weisheit, adding that it can handle double the refrigeration capacity of the 139A model, while taking up less than twice the space. The overall height of the units is 1,160mm (45.67in), and the diameter is 324mm (12.76in). The oil charge is 9.3l (2.46gal).

The new model has a dual function, filtering dirt from the refrigerant and oil, and also separating oil from the refrigerant gas. Its efficiency is a minimum of 98.5% separation across the widest range of mass flows, according to the product specification sheet. The high separation rate is due to three internal coalescent filters, which capture dirt and effluent down to 0.3 micron.

The 239A has three different connection options, 2-1/2in BW, 2-1/2in MPT and 2-5/8in ODS; every unit is pressure tested and injected with a nitrogen charge during packing to inhibit oxidation.

The 239A models is CE-marked, complying with the European Union’s PED 2014/68/EU regulation. They are also UL listed and ASME-stamped units are available. A CRN application is underway.