Launching shecco’s “World Guide to Low-Charge Ammonia”

The use of low-charge ammonia has emerged as one of the key trends in the industrial refrigeration industry in the past few years. As such, shecco has put together the “World Guide to Low-Charge Ammonia”, a three-part publication providing insight into this fast-growing natural refrigerant technology.

Low-charge ammonia has the potential to not only replace traditional ammonia systems but also HFCs in applications where it was not possible to use ammonia before. The webinar will present this and other key findings of the Guide, giving opportunity for discussion as well.

The various topics covered in the Guide, include:
• Key characteristics of ammonia as a refrigerant;
• History of ammonia use;
• Definition of low-charge ammonia;
• Applications of low-charge ammonia;
• Standards and legislation;
• Types of low-charge ammonia systems;
• Current market; and
• Future market.

With two parts of the Guide already released, the third and final part will be launched directly after the webinar on All three parts are available for free download.*The Guide is based on data from industry surveys, case studies, interviews with key experts, end users, and literature research. #GoNatRefs